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Focus and Solidify: Our 2024 Guiding Words

Updated: Jan 15

Every year, Carrie and I pick a word. It's not just any word—it's like our North Star, steering our goals and sealing our commitment to ourselves and our business.

Last year, 2023, was all about fine-tuning at Post & Beam. We dove deep, really getting to grips with what our clients need and crave from us. This wasn't just enlightening; it reshaped our services.

We refined our website too, making sure it's a reflection of who we are, who we cater to, and the unique ways we make a mark.

That's why for 2024, our guiding words are FOCUS and SOLIDIFY. These aren't just words; they're our roadmap to making 2024 a year where we grow personally and Post & Beam becomes a distinguished name in real estate.

Carrie's guiding word: FOCUS

Fitness: while last year my word was movement, this year I'm focusing on my overall fitness. There was a time when I was in fantastic shape, and there is absolutely no reason why I can't be that way again.

Own my nutritional choices: nutrition has always been my stumbling block. Instead of following another fad diet trend (I've done them all!) I'm focusing on whole foods that nourish my body—allowing for treats when they're worth it, not because I'm stressed, sad, or tired.

Carve out time for creativity. While this seems unusual because my job is to be creative, it's not the same as the creativity that lights a fire within me. There are two things I love to do: weaving and furniture building or refinishing. I'm putting it on my calendar this year, like an appointment.

Unburden. I carry a heavy mental load as a mom, wife, business partner/ owner, daughter, sister, and friend. I will focus on unburdening my mind of the people, things, and tasks that aren't good for my soul.

Self-care: this one is huge for me. I have let my self-care slide for too long. Doctor appointments, therapy, and meditation are all a part of my non-negotiables for 2024.

Christine's guiding word: SOLIDIFY

Strengthen my relationships by actively listening. Active listening means asking questions, being present, and learning when someone needs help or a hug, knowing that I want to leave them feeling seen, heard, and acknowledged.

Own my position as a leader and a real estate marketer so that I meet every challenge and opportunity with thought, expertise, and integrity.

Live my values every day, ensuring that my actions and decisions align with my core beliefs and fostering trust and respect among colleagues and clients.

Inspire others to believe in themselves by sharing my knowledge and experiences, encouraging them to pursue their goals confidently, and never giving up.

Distinguish myself by being true to myself and maintaining authenticity in my interactions and decisions.

Intensify the momentum of Post & Beam so that it solidifies our reputation as a trusted and fun team that delivers on our promise to every client.

Focus on my core competencies, honing my skills and knowledge to solidify what I'm known for.

Yet to be determined: Embrace continuous growth and always be flexible and open to new ideas, making mistakes, and learning.

As we step into 2024 with Focus and Solidify as our guiding words, we're excited to see where they will take us both personally and professionally.

Do you have a guiding word? We'd love to know. Drop it in the comments.

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