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Between you, me and the lamp post,

if you want to blend in, we're not your people.



Our Story

Carrie and Christine had their "first date" at a local pizza shop in Arlington, MA, during the summer of 2021. Carrie had come to Leading Edge Real Estate to work with Christine and help the team launch a new brand. At that lunch and subsequent lunches, the two curly-haired Gen-X moms realized the power of their combined skills and experience. Their passion for helping those who help others find a home led to the launch of Post & Beam and brought them here today.

Where does the name Post & Beam come from?

The meaning of our name is rooted in home construction and is probably familiar to most of you in the real estate industry. The posts and beams are the framework of most homes constructed in the U.S. 

The words "post" and "beam" also have alternate meanings that perfectly express our specialty. 

The Post is the vertical structure that holds up a home, and "to post" means to announce or make something known. 

The Beam is the horizontal reaching element that creates support in the framing, and "to beam" is to shine a light or to smile brightly. 

The very definitions of the words that make up our name personify who we are; here to support you, help you communicate, and make you shine!

Christine George-1035_keynotesize.jpg

Christine George


Christine is a classically trained marketer with extensive customer marketing experience in real estate franchising, brokerage, and consumer packaged goods. Her niche is creating business development and marketing strategies for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and real estate professionals. Christine's corporate upbringing, discipline, and belief in building long-lasting client relationships give her a unique approach to creating customized business and marketing solutions. Christine is also a blogger, the author of, the Co-host of the Know Like Trust podcast and a Contributor at Inman News and RealTrends.

Christine lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband, son, and mini labradoodle.

Carrie Edwards 4.jpg

Carrie Edwards

Co-founder & Creative Director 

Carrie is an experienced graphic designer specializing in brand identity and strategy. She has worked across numerous industries, including publishing, advertising, non-profit, and higher education.

Carrie believes that her foundation in the arts provides a strong base for everything she does. She feels most at home with a sketchbook and pencil in hand when it comes to brainstorming and growing the first seeds of an idea. You'll rarely see her without these tools.

Carrie lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband and two children.

Our Brand Experience


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