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Your business is unique,

and so is our approach.




We customize every step of the Market MasterPlan 360 program to align perfectly with your business's individual strengths and challenges.

Discover your business's full potential with our

Market MasterPlan 360 program.

This comprehensive approach includes the discovery of your ideal customer avatar, a deep dive SWOT analysis, creation of  your positioning statement, and a Stop/Start/Continue exercise meticulously tailored to understand your unique business position, strengths, and most effective tactics. This program demands preparatory work, ensuring rich, productive discussions.

By the end of the program, you'll walk away with:

A completed digital audit with actionable steps to improve your online presence.

A deep understanding of your personal value and how it’s different from your competitor.

A review of your past performance with insights to guide your growth.

A deep understanding of tactics that work and those that have a negative ROI.

Clarity about who
your ideal customer is and what they need from you.

A determination of goals that make sense for you, your business, and how it all fits into your life.

A discovery of your superpowers through a SWOT analysis.

A path of specific activities you will implement to achieve your goals & a 12-month calendar. 

Market MasterPlan 360 is available one-on-one or in group sessions.

Market MasterPlan 360

Individual Program



In two 60-minute sessions, we'll identify your ideal customer and market position, conduct a SWOT analysis, and execute a Stop/Start/Continue exercise to fully understand your market standing, strengths, and most effective tactics. We'll review your business and discuss goals and budget. Preparation is required for a productive discussion. Additionally, a digital audit will be conducted.




During our third session, we will present the results of your Digital Audit, recommended areas of improvement and a 12-month Marketing plan tailored to your strengths and aligned to achieve your goals. 



We’ll meet for a bonus one-on-one session 3 months after the presentation of your marketing plan to check in on your progress, answer questions and offer advice.



Marketing MasterPlan 360 Workbook

Business Review Worksheet

Business Activity Calendar

12-month Social Media Content Calendar

Digital Self-Audit Checklist​

Lauren O’Brien
doubled her business
in one year!

Christine was instrumental in helping me develop my yearly business plan to help me scale my business. We set concrete goals, we checked in periodically & I was able to achieve & even pass the goals we set.


— Lauren O'Brien, Leading Edge Real Estate

Market MasterPlan 360

Group Program



Each 2-hour day is filled with interactive, valuable content. In the first session, participants define their ideal customer, positioning, conduct a SWOT analysis, and engage in a Stop/Start/Continue exercise to grasp their business's unique standing and strategies.


Between sessions, homework includes conducting a digital audit and business review. The second session focuses on sharing proven strategies and facilitating the planning of tactics tailored to achieve individual goals.

Participants create their 12-month marketing plan during the second session.


Upon completion of the 2-day workshop, we'll meet exclusively with the Team Leader or Broker/Owner to discuss a follow-up plan and determine how we can best support implementation. 


Group workshops require 5 to 20 participants.



Marketing MasterPlan 360 Workbook

Business Review Worksheet

Business Activity Calendar

12-month Social Media Content Calendar

Digital Self-Audit Checklist​

Pixie Mathani
increased her business

+25% the first year and
doubled it the next year!

Christine approaches business planning for her clients with a powerful trio of skills...astute industry insights, the ability to distill and capitalize on personal strengths and care. All to help create a plan that is impactful and enjoyable to undertake. The result is true success!


— Pixie Mahthani, Leading Edge Real Estate

Niche Marketing & Positioning Strategy

This package is ideal for experienced real estate agents seeking to better understand and connect with their ideal customer. We precisely define your niche and develop a marketing strategy that establishes you as the market experts.


Note: This package focuses on strategic positioning and does not include the development of a visual identity.



Brand Positioning Statement

Unique Value Proposition

Proof Points

Marketing Strategy

Content Guide

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