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7 Quotes and My Favorite Take-aways from WomanUP! 2023

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

This week I attended my 5th WomanUp! Event. I feel so fortunate to be part of this incredible community of women leaders who fill my soul. This year was particularly special as our company, Post & Beam, had the privilege of creating the design theme for the event.

Guided by the exceptional talent of my business partner, Carrie Edwards, the theme, Together We, seamlessly blended the vibrant yellow and blue tones of the Sea Bird Hotel with the soft magenta color of WomanUP! Witnessing our work beautifully displayed throughout the event filled us with immense pride.

As a veteran attendee, I had the opportunity to deepen my connections with friends I had made over the past five years. Reconnecting with these remarkable women was incredibly uplifting. I also had the pleasure of meeting new strong, compassionate female leaders, many of whom I eagerly look forward to collaborating with later this year. The power of the WomanUP! Community and forging new relationships were undeniable during this event.

I want to share 7 of my favorite quotes and biggest takeaways from the event this year:

"Don't worry about other people liking you. Worry about liking yourself." - Melissa Sofia; Melissa's words on overcoming disappointment and embracing self-confidence struck a chord with me. Believing in ourselves and that our self-worth isn't tied to the opinions of others allows us to live our lives authentically.

"We don't choose ourselves once. We choose ourselves again and again and again." - Kathleen Black; Kathleen's keynote highlighted the importance of continuously choosing ourselves, even in the face of past setbacks and new challenges. Our choices shape our journey, and self-empowerment requires consistent reaffirmation.

"Who you are today is not who you were 20 or 30 years ago." - Leslie Appleton-Young; By far, one of my favorite conversations was Leslie's interview with Bernice Ross and Carol Facciponti-Malcolm. These wise women advised on the increase of happiness as we age. They emphasized the wisdom, confidence, and freedom that come with maturity, enabling us to give back, pay it forward, and retire with a sense of fulfillment.

"If I receive grace, then I feel the need to extend it to others." - Rhonda Keliipio; it was difficult to choose just one quote from Rhonda's talk because she made so many profound statements. I chose this one because I believe it's a great reminder that, at times, we all need grace, so being gentle with ourselves and others will allow us to move forward, together rather than alone, with empathy and the most profound connection possible.

"Surround yourself with people who believe in you, and you can achieve anything." - Sabrina Brown; the conversation between Sabrina Brown and Kama Burton highlighted the transformative power of a supportive network. Being surrounded by individuals who believe in us can be the catalyst for achieving our dreams and aspirations.

"Let them." - Debra Trappen; Debra's keynotes never disappoint. This year, Debra reminded us of the importance of radical acceptance. By letting others be, instead of trying to control them, we can release frustration, anger, and anxiety, ultimately experiencing a sense of liberation.

"People don't need more instruction. They need to matter." - Tami Bonnell; Tami's talk underscored the significance of compassionate leadership. Leading with empathy not only fosters trust and loyalty but also cultivates a culture of happiness, resulting in increased retention, productivity, and overall success.

WomanUp! 2023 was a profound and enriching experience. The event showcased the resilience, wisdom, and compassion of women leaders from diverse backgrounds. It served as a reminder of the power we hold within ourselves and the strength we gain through genuine connections with others. As I embark on my trip home, I am feeling all the feels; love, appreciation, sisterhood, and gratitude for being a part of this incredible community, and I'm excited about the future collaborations and growth that lie ahead for all of us.

Together we change the trajectory of leadership around the world.

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Nancy Robinson
Nancy Robinson
26 de jun. de 2023

These are all SOOOOO awesome! Thank you for the wrap up. Great job!!


Diane Terry
Diane Terry
25 de jun. de 2023

As a woman who experienced serious fomo, I appreciate this wrap up. “Let them.”, really resonates with me today. Thanks Christine!


Great insight on this experience. What we glean from one another strengthens us! Honored to be among your highlights. Meeting both of you was one of my favorite moments ♥️

Membro desconhecido
18 de jun. de 2023
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