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We use common sense so that you can be anything but common

What can you build with Post & Beam?

Whether it's building your brand, building your website, or building your marketing strategy. We can help you do that. 

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Berkshire Dream Home

Andrew and Sarah Perenick, owners of Berkshire Dream Home Real Estate, opened their doors in 2014 and grew BDH to the #1 market share in Berkshire County. They quickly created their brand and website when they started their business , and recently it became clear it was time for a refresh.

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Betti Russo

Betti Russo is a REALTOR in Northern New Jersey and host of the North Jersey Lifestyle show. Bold yet approachable, luxurious, and loyal to her Keller Williams brand and brokerage, Betti Russo,a REALTOR in Northern New Jersey and host of the North Jersey Lifestyle show, called upon us to revitalize her brand.

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Diane Terry

After years of helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals, Diane decided it was time to shift her focus to coaching, education, and speaking, so Diane brought us in to help her create her brand identity.

Escue Real Estate

In 2021, after spending their entire career with a "big box" franchise, Lisa and Mark Escue were ready to break away and build their own brokerage. This was an exciting challenge because we got to start from scratch.

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