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From Chaos to Control: Organizing Your Real Estate Business with Gidon Sobel

Gidon Sobel is the Founder and President of Purple Plum Consulting, a Partner.

Gidon is a real estate expert and has created a real estate solution within Monday to help real estate agents and brokerages streamline and scale their businesses.

His solution focuses on brokerage operations as well as transaction management. In our chat we'll learn why he's so passionate about the industry and how monday can make your transactions move from contract to close effortlessly.

His biggest pieces of advice for real estate professionals:

  1. When it comes to tech, don't go for the shiny object. Start with the basics.

  2. If you're using, there's a huge real estate community, lean into it.

  3. Tech shouldn't feel like work. Enjoyment is possible with

To learn more visit Purple Plum Consulting.

Find Gidon on LinkedIn.

Listen to the entire episode.

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