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House Hunting for Your Niche: Strategies for Specializing in Real Estate

In this episode, we chatted with Michele Bellisari, a top-performing REALTOR renowned for her niche expertise. Michele unpacked the advantage of specializing in a particular real estate niche.

She guided us through the steps to identify the ideal niche tailored to your unique strengths and offered insights on how to magnetically attract your target audience.

Grab a notebook and a pen because there are soooo many pearls in this episode. As the saying goes, the riches are in the niches.

Here are Michele's 3 biggest pieces of advice:

  1. Pick a listing niche and get it on your white board!

  2. Stay educated no matter your age. It will keep you relevant.

  3. Find a community that supports you.

You can find Michele in all of these places..

Grab Michele's free resource, 50 Thriving Niches here.

Listen to the entire episode:

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