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Navigating the Airwaves: Expert Tips for Securing Podcast Interviews for Real Estate

What is publicity and why are podcasts are a strategic way to build your your brand?

This episode dives into the art of landing valuable podcast interview opportunities. I sat down with Christina Lenkowski, a PR industry veteran and seasoned podcaster who shares her insights on crafting compelling pitches, targeting the right shows, and building meaningful connections with hosts.

Discover actionable strategies that will help you break through the noise, secure sought-after podcast slots, and effectively share your story with a wider audience.

Christina offered 3 pieces of advice regarding podcasts guesting,

  1. Your business will not grow if you're not visible so don't let imposter syndrome flare up. You can do this.

  2. Have a service over self mindset when putting yourself out there.

  3. Use your podcast appearance in perpetuity. It can be repurposed on your blog, website and in your social media.

You can learn more about Christina by visiting her website.

Take her podcast publicity quiz here.

Listen to the entire episode:

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