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Planning for Profitable Retirement in Real Estate with Nancy Robinson

Updated: Mar 15

Today, we're diving into a topic that, let's be honest, we don't talk about enough – retiring from real estate without leaving money on the table or feeling lost.

Our special guest is Nancy Robinson, the VP of Sales at Christie's International Real Estate - Sereno in Northern, CA.

Nancy is uber passionate when it comes to preparing agents for a smooth and profitable retirement.

According to the National Association of REALTORS, the average age of a REALTOR is 57 and more than 65% of REALTORS are over age 50.

The reality is that many of these agents are hitting retirement age unprepared. Many agents find themselves at a crossroads, financially strapped or emotionally unready to step back, despite knowing it's time.

In this episode, Nancy addresses these issues and gives us practical steps like setting up a SEP IRA with automatic savings, keeping tabs on your source of business, marketing consistently to your SOI, and the importance of finding a mentor or coach. Plus, she talks about building a trustworthy alliance and shares HOW to align with the right person to transition your business.

If you're a real estate agent or Broker/Owner or Manager who supports real estate agents, tune in and connect with Nancy.

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