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Royal Rebrand: What Kate Middleton Teaches Us About Authentic Marketing

Welcome to our first KLT Mini-Pod! These mini-pods are meant to be short, sweet and full of actionable insights you can apply to your real estate business ASAP.

In this mini-pod, Carrie and I dive into a lively discussion about the importance of authenticity and consistency in personal branding. Our chat, sparked by Kate Middleton's recent faux pas and her doctored photo, really hit home for us as marketers in real estate.

It got us thinking about the real essence of branding, which isn't just about your logo but your entire public persona - your reputation.

Here's what we want you to take away:

  • Authenticity is key: Showing your true self, flaws and all, resonates more than trying to appear perfect.

  • Stay consistent: Mixing messages or visuals can confuse your audience - and confusion doesn't sell. A clear and consistent brand builds trust.

  • Rely on professionals: Outsourcing experts can make a huge difference. Focus on what you're great at, and let the specialists handle the rest.

There's an immense amount of power in focusing on your strengths and leaving the rest to those who do it best.

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