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As a scrappy young brokerage, they set out to build a culture in their organization and a solid reputation in the close-knit community. They quickly created their brand and website, and recently it became clear it was time for a refresh.


BDH door knocker
BDH logo

We started with their signature doorknocker. It was the primary visual that identified them, so it was critical to carry it into the evolution of their new brand. In addition to that, with a name as long as Berkshire Dream Home, it is natural that they were most often referred to as BDH. Taking that into account we made the brand monogram the focal point of the visual identity.

BDH sign

Next, we looked at the font treatment. The Berkshires of Western Massachusetts are known for their cultural experiences. Tanglewood in Lenox is the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We treated the "B" in Berkshire to reflect the sophistication of the arts culture in Berkshire County.

We also simplified their lawn signs to highlight the brand and the agent contact information. The amount of time a passer-by has to take in information is so little, we wanted the important details to be prominent. 

BDH Yetis

During our discovery phase, it quickly became apparent that Andy and Sarah care deeply about service; to their agents, clients, and community.
For their agents, they invest in continuing education that includes real estate strategies and focuses on mindset. Within their community, giving back is a foundational principle. Two organizations are central to them. The first is the Dominican Starfish Foundation. It builds 100s of homes and helps countless people in the Javier village of the Dominican Republic. The second is Strong Little Souls, an organization that supports children and families facing a devastating childhood cancer diagnosis. What's more, the daughter of a Berkshire Dream Home agent founded it.

BDH Website Gallery

Concerning their focus on people, the tagline, You. Above All Else., was a perfect fit, and their elevator pitch says it all: 


At Berkshire Dream Home, it's not about us. It's about the people we serve. We are committed to the professional and personal growth of our agents, client service that exceeds expectations, and a commitment to giving back to our community. For us, it's not just about the transaction. It's about the relationships we build along the way.

"Carrie and Christine are amazing! They tactfully provide feedback on how to maximize and improve the impact that upgrading designs/website/re-branding can have on your business. I highly recommend using Post and Beam."

—Sarah Perenick, Berkshire Dream Home

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