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Diane Terry Website

Diane Terry is a highly successful REALTOR in Seattle. Her clients and colleagues know her as wise, insightful, and an incredible listener. She often teaches real estate professionals about the art of listening in her workshops. She is also a mentor for many budding real estate professionals.

During the discovery process, it was clear that Diane epitomized the Sage archetype; wise, influential, and dedicated to finding answers. 


We created a positioning strategy that captured the Sage concept and focused on Diane's point of difference:


For female entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth, Diane Terry brings 30 years of hands-on experience and unparalleled wisdom to her coaching. Diane Terry sets herself apart from other business coaches by teaching her clients how to connect, collaborate and be effective listeners so they can find the best solutions for their clients.

Diane Brand Boards
Diane Brand Boards
Diane Brand Boards

From there, we built a series of mood boards and color palettes aligned with Diane's modern, clean, sophisticated, and minimalist style. We landed on black and white with natural wood tones and stone grays.

Diane Terry Business cards

Like other REALTORs, Diane's name is integral to her new business, so her monogram was the centerpiece of her visual identity.

Building upon the square shape of the monogram in her logo, we developed a pattern with the icon. By rotating the DT monogram, it not only creates visual interest, but becomes readable at any angle. We carried this pattern as another design element throughout her website and marketing collateral.

Diane Terry notecards
Diane Terry Website

Working with Diane has been a wonderful experience and we continue to collaborate with her on marketing her new venture. 

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