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Betti Russo logo

We've known Betti for many years but started with the discovery process because no matter how well you know someone, the deep dive we do to understand our clients and their business brings out their goals, personality, preferences, and desires for their brand identity. We learned new things about Betti during this process that helped inform our approach to her new visual identity!

Vision board

After discovery, we built a series of mood boards and color palettes while working with the red/gray/black colors of her beloved brokerage, Keller Williams Prosperity. We landed on a regal shade of deep purple (her signature color) with a lighter purple as an accent color.

Betti Russo logo

From there, we developed a strong visual brand identity for Betti and a second variation incorporating her REALTOR® status for times when it may be less obvious. As a REALTOR®, your name is paramount in recognition, and using her initials for a monogram felt just right. The red "R" signifies her affiliation with Keller Williams and her Italian heritage. The root meaning of "Russo" in Italian is "red!"

Finally, Betti went with a square business card because of its uniqueness, and it perfectly suits the format of her logo. The card works beautifully with the lockup of her Keller Williams brokerage, while highlighting Betti's contact information.

Betti Russo business cards

"Post & Beam is interested in knowing who you are and helping you find and share your voice through beautiful marketing customized to you and your business. Post & Beam is all about highlighting you and helping your business grow uniquely and on your terms, supplying you with everything you need to market your businesses in collaboration with you. I recommend them 150%."

—Betti Russo, REALTOR®

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