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In a quiet corner of a beautiful hotel in Oceanside, CA, the seeds were planted for this meaningful brand project. At the annual WomanUP conference, we had a chance to spend time with Luisa Zepeda and hear about her dreams and ambitions for Brilla Real Estate. 

From Luisa’s discovery interview we learned that she conveys a calm demeanor and leads with a servant heart. This vision board immediately spoke to her and became the springboard for the visual branding. 

Vision Boards
Brilla logo

Translated from Spanish, “Brilla” means “little light.” Luisa’s message for her clientele is that the sun, and her little light, shines for everyone. 


We knew the sun would be a central part of this identity from the beginning. But immediate questions arose: how do we make it fresh? How do we make it feel like a real estate brand? How do we encompass the “little light” and the sun? 

Sun iconography is everywhere from emojis to energy brands. To make it unique for Brilla we started with the very simple shape of a house and created a radial pattern with it. It’s so subtle that you may need to look for it. 

Once this strong icon was established, it was important to find the right balance in the typography. Here’s where we convey the “little light.” The “R” in Brilla lifts up the light that is the “I” 


This brand has a myriad of variations and applications! 

Brilla Business Card
Brilla coffee mug
Brilla tote

Along with the stacked logo, we created several variations that are horizontal or without the sun altogether, as the sun can be used as an accent element as well. 

The simplicity of the lawn signs not only makes the agent name and contact information stand out, but allows this brand to truly shine. 

Brilla sign

"Post & Beam is interested in knowing who you are and helping you find and share your voice through beautiful marketing customized to you and your business. Post & Beam is all about highlighting you and helping your business grow uniquely and on your terms, supplying you with everything you need to market your businesses in collaboration with you. I recommend them 150%."

—Betti Russo, REALTOR®

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