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Darci Gillespie Full Logo

Darci knows Seattle, and her business, through and through. She's a reliable, detail-oriented REALTOR® who makes the transaction easy for her clients, even in the toughest market. Her style is simple and refined, but not reserved. The more time we spent with her developing this brand, the clearer the picture became of the best way to represent her visually. 

Vision board

Darci's discovery interviews revealed not only her love of the outdoors and sportsmanship, but an affinity for Mid-Century Modern style, and simple geometric elements. We crafted this vision board to encompass a little bit of everything, and pulled in the Windermere brand colors to make sure we coordinated with her brokerage as well. The soft green and the blue tones we chose for her primary colors both complement the Windermere branding, and reflect her taste. The soft white secondary color brings a subtle earthiness to the palette.

Darci Brand Reveal

In true Mid-Century style, the lowercase "dg" icon was built from simple, repeating shapes. We knew immediately that it would make a perfect pattern to use as an accent throughout her branding. The vertical stripes created by the negative space, and the horizontal green/blue visual stripes created by the mark give a feeling of order and organization to this fun pattern. 

The personality of Darci and her brand is carried through into all the elements, from social media to printed materials. We continue to work with her on new applications of the brand and find new and fun ways to incorporate it into materials she can use.

Darci iPhone
Darci camping cup
Darci notecards

With the brand established, we were more than happy when Darci asked us to work on her listing collateral. The highest compliment we get from our clients is repeat business. And we are thrilled that Darci opted to join our Listing Collateral Service plan, to bring ease to her transactions. Whenever she has a listing, we create her brochures and social media, freeing her up to spend more time with her clients.

Darci QR code sheet

"Post & Beam is interested in knowing who you are and helping you find and share your voice through beautiful marketing customized to you and your business. Post & Beam is all about highlighting you and helping your business grow uniquely and on your terms, supplying you with everything you need to market your businesses in collaboration with you. I recommend them 150%."

—Betti Russo, REALTOR®

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