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Authenticity in Video Marketing for Real Estate with Katie Lance & Stephanie Chumbley

This week's episode of our podcast takes an exciting turn - and I'm confident you're going to love it! We're thrilled to present a podcast swap with the incredibly talented Katie Lance.

I'm sharing one of my top picks from Katie's podcast collection. In this episode, she has a conversation with Stephanie Chumbley, the Director of Social Media and Education at Chicago Title in Portland, OR.

Stephanie offers invaluable insights, particularly about content creation and mastering the art of time blocking. Here are my favorite pearls:

  1. Harness the Power of Listening: Transform your listening skills into a content generation tool. Keep track of daily occurrences, note the questions you're asked, and weave these elements into your social media content.

  2. Use Movement for Focus: Integrate movement into your routine. It's not just about physical health; it's a strategy to enhance grounding and focus, ultimately leading to more efficient time management.

  3. Embrace Imperfection in Videos: Don't shy away from mistakes in your video content. Perfection isn't the goal; relatability is. Remember, being genuine and approachable resonates more than flawless execution.

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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