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Discovering the Instagram Goldmine with Michelle Berman-Mikel

Know Like Trust with Karen Stone

Welcome to the wild world of Instagram, where real estate meets social media savvy!

In this episode, Christine teams up with Michelle Berman-Mikel, the Instagram aficionado behind Berman Media PD. Michelle, a former corporate trailblazer turned entrepreneurial powerhouse, shares her fascinating journey and unravels her secrets to mastering social media for real estate success.

Insta-Stressed? Fear Not!

Michelle's got your back with a three-phase plan for Instagram domination. It's all about creating content, connecting with your dream clients, and spreading your influence far and wide. 🙌

Four tips to unlock the power of the 'Gram for your business. 🌟

  1. Turbocharge Your Networking: Discover how Instagram is a turbocharged hub where you showcase your personality and expertise. It's a place where connections are made, and business is created.

  2. Keep It Real: Michelle shares the biggest mistakes agents make on Instagram and why authenticity is your golden ticket to building a hyper-local community and attracting dream clients.

  3. Be Insta-Reachable: Can your potential clients reach you with a simple tap of their fingertips? If not, you're missing the boat. Michelle shared the importance of making it a breeze for clients to slide into your DMs and book time with you.

  4. R-O-I: Michelle breaks it down into tangible and subliminal ROI. From direct leads to brand awareness, Instagram has the power to fill your pipeline achieve your growth goals.

Michelle's message — no matter your age or experience, you've got what it takes leverage Instagram. So, grab your phone, buckle up, and get ready to love the 'Gram.

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