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Empowering Women through Connection and Curiosity with Cathy Scharetg

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Our series on WomanUP! comes to a close this week with an insightful conversation with Cathy Scharetg.

Cathy is empowering women through connection and curiosity. She is on a mission to empower courageously confident women who choose to influence outcomes and create opportunities by speaking themselves into the room.

My biggest takeaways from our conversation:

  1. Ask questions. "People who ask the most questions influence outcomes." Speak yourselves into the room because you ARE worthy and your ideas matter.

  2. Lead by example. If you want to change the narrative and open more doors for the next generation of women, you must go out into the world as you are, without self-imposed limitations.

  3. Honor each other. When you receive validation or accolades, don't diminish yourself by saying, "Yeah but.." just because you think it's more socially acceptable. Instead embrace it and confidently say, Thank you.

Learn more about Cathy and watch her TedX talk here:

It's not too late to purchase your ticket to the 2023 WomanUP! retreat. Go to today.

Listen to the entire episode.

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