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Modern Branding for an Outdoor Enthusiast

Just like real estate agents, we love referral business! So we were thrilled when Darci Gillespie reached out to us based on a strong recommendation from our client, Diane Terry. Darci is an accomplished agent with Windermere Real Estate, out of their Seattle, WA office. She is also an outdoor enthusiast with an an affinity for Mid-Century Modern style.

First things first, all 3 of us bonded over being curly-haired women. If you know, you know. Christine's initial meetings and discovery interviews with Darci and a few of her previous clients, really helped us get to know her and gave us a clear picture of her style and how she does business.

After careful consideration of everything that was revealed during her discovery, as well as in the brand survey (a fun task we give to ALL of our new branding clients) we presented her with 3 vision boards

While all of them spoke to Darci's style, there was one clear winner that only needed a few modifications to get us to our final vision board. (You can check that out here.)

With the vision established, we got to work on several variations of a logo for Darci. We feel it's very important for agents to capitalize on their name and keep it in the forefront of their branding. We did that with Darci, and spent a lot of time working with her initials. The uppercase D & G just looked all too familiar to other brands, so when we landed on the lower case mark, it felt just right.

In stark contrast to the lower case mark, but with a similar rounded letterform feel, we stacked her name in uppercase letters and locked it up with the brand in the circle.

With the logo established we started to have some real fun by creating a pattern and integrating her branding with the Windermere navy blue.

We continue to work with Darci on new projects. And can't wait to take this brand into several new applications.

To see the full gamut of our work for Darci so far, click here or head to the Our Work page on our site and see what we've done for Darci and several other clients!

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