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Together We WomanUP!

When the California Association of REALTOR®s and the organizers of the WomanUP! Retreat reached out to us and asked us to design the theme for their annual conference; we jumped at the chance!

Their theme, "Together We," encompasses the power that lies within us when we connect and collaborate.

The event's backdrop was the gorgeous Seabird Hotel in Oceanside, CA. We drew inspiration for the color palette from the locale and previous images of WomanUP! events. We integrated the WomanUP! signature hot pink and brought in ocean blues and pops of yellow, a color used heavily in the Seabird branding.

Once we established the color palette, logo, and typography, the next step was to generate social media and digital marketing.

Several of the event materials carried a pattern of WE's, and ME's as an accent.

The vibrant stage backdrop was designed with adequate white space for the speakers to shine.

The logo, the pink wave, and the brand pattern were consistently used throughout the event, from t-shirts to coasters to name badges.

It was a magical event, and we're already thinking about 2024. Check out Christine's blog post here to learn more about our time at the event.

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