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California Real Estate Brokerage's Fresh Brand Shines

We first met Luisa Zepeda in May 2023 on the WomanUP! weekly Live show (Check out the replay here. It's a good one!). Little did we know Luisa had been paying close attention to our work for some time. She was ready to take the brave step from REALTOR® to real estate Broker/Owner!

Imagine how happy we were to meet Luisa in person at the 2023 WomanUP! conference in June! She asked if we could set aside some time to discuss her new dream, and we were more than happy to oblige.

We met in the "quiet lounge" of the Seabird Hotel in Oceanside, CA, where Luisa opened her heart about her dreams and goals. She longed to create a business that would provide security and build generational wealth for her clients, and she wanted to do it on her terms. Luisa wants to shine a light on everyone.

In no time, Luisa’s new brand, Brilla Real Estate, came to life. Click here to see all the details on the creation of this exciting new brokerage.

Are you interested in working with us? We'd love to know more about your business and how we can make YOUR brand shine. Book an introductory call with Christine here!

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