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Scaling High: Jennifer Staats on Revolutionizing Real Estate Operations

If you struggle with the business side of the business, this episode is for you. I sat down with Jennifer Staats, Founder and Owner of Staats Solutions, a virtual operations company for real estate brokerages and teams.

Jen's background in real estate operations spans over 15 years, beginning with a successful sales career and moving on to the inception of Staats Solutions. Her company, now supporting about 25 real estate companies nationwide, began with a vision to provide virtual operations - a concept that was practically unheard of when she started.

Here are some must-read pearls from our talk:

The Growth Mindset:

Growth is not about blindly emulating others' successes. It's about identifying your unique gaps and filling them. Jen's approach to helping clients scale involves a comprehensive audit, finding what's working and what could be better. She insists on understanding the nuts and bolts of your systems to achieve the goals you set.

Making the Right Hires:

Spring tends to bring about a hiring frenzy due to the seasonal business spike. Jen emphasizes the need for thoughtful hiring processes aligned with your growth plans. The right team is essential for expansion, so planning hires ahead of a growth curve is critical.

The Tech Stack:

Jen emphasizes the importance of choosing and using your tech stack wisely. She recommends Follow-up Boss for customer relationship management and Asana and Slack for internal project management and communication. She warns against the lure of expensive tools that promise the world but delivers little; it's about what works for your team and your specific needs.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the operational side of your real estate business or just looking to streamline your processes, consider giving Jen a shout. She's a goldmine of knowledge with the calming presence of a seasoned yogi, and she just might be the partner you need to elevate your business to the next level.

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