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The Origins and the Why Behind WomanUP! with Debra Trappen and Sara Sutachan

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Ooooh friends! This week I chatted with my good friends, Debra Trappen and Sara Sutachan.

In case you don't already know, they, together with Leslie Appleton Young are creators of the WomanUP! movement!

The WomanUP! initiative began at the California Association of REALTORS and has made a tremendous impact on the personal and professional growth of real estate leaders across the U.S.

In this chat Debra and Sara shared the story around the movement, news about the upcoming retreat in June, and how y'all can get in on the fun, the opportunity and the collaboration.

Don't wait. This retreat is open to everyone. Purchase your ticket today.

Listen here:

Join us at the event in June!

Make sure to reserve your room at the Seabird by May 12th!

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