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Top 5 Episodes of Know Like Trust for Real Estate in 2023

2023 was nothing short of epic for our podcast, Know Like Trust for Real Estate. We connected with 22 brilliant minds, diving deep into the business of real estate and personal growth. I'm excited to bring you our top 5 episodes - the ones that resonated most with our listeners. These are the conversations that sparked ideas, offered solid strategies, and inspired action in real estate and beyond.

#5 Expert Tips for Securing Podcast Interviews with Christina Lenkowski

Christina Lenkowski, is a publicity maven. Her energy was motivating and her expert advice was gold. If you're looking to leverage podcasts to build your brand, this is the episode for you.

Listen to the episode here.

#4 House Hunting for Your Niche with Michele Bellisari

Michele Bellisari, the niche expert, unpacked the art of finding and flourishing in your real estate niche. This episode is a goldmine for anyone aiming to carve out a unique space in the competitive real estate market.

Tune in to Michele's wisdom here.

#3 How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent with Shelley Zavitz

Shelley Zavitz is likely one of the most generous, funny and smart real estate agents on the planet. She made it her mission to help new real estate pros not make the same mistakes she did. This episode is a treasure trove of practical advice for both rookies and veterans in the field.

Catch Shelley's tips here.

#2 Consistent Branding with Carrie Edwards and Me

In this episode, my fab biz partner and friend, Carrie Edwards joined me to dissect the importance of consistent branding in real estate. It's all about creating a brand that resonates and remains memorable in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Revisit our branding conversation here.

#1 The Power of Positive Self-Talk with Peloton Instructor, Christine D'Ercole

Topping our list is the inspiring session with Peloton instructor, Christine D'Ercole. Christine innately knows what you're thinking and feeling and validates you - plain and simple. Her insights on positive self-talk are not just transformative for your career but for your life.

This is an inspirational conversation and a must-listen for everyone striving for personal and professional growth.

Experience more of Christine D'Ercole here.

2023 was a year filled with learning, growth, and inspiration, thanks to these phenomenal conversations. I hope these episodes fuel your drive and equip you with strategies to excel in real estate and beyond. Here's to another year of insightful discussions and breakthroughs in 2024!

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